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New Leap Forward and New Starting Point Kang Jieli Company participated in the 1


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The 19th China Xiamen International Stone Exhibition, the first exhibition of the New Year for Stone Man in 2019, was held in Xiamen International Exhibition Center on March 6, 2019. Under the background of the severe and complex global economic situation and the overall upgrading of market and user demand, the artificial quartz industry is facing new challenges and opportunities. Xiamen International Stone Exhibition provides a good platform for the cooperation and exchange of Kang Jieli Company.

The exhibition is located in booth A7-002. Our company mainly displays luxury gemstone slab series and quartzite series. The products include gemstone slab, quartzite slab and other products. The products cater to the high and middle market demand and show the charm of the combination of science and technology and nature for the end-users! ________
The delicacy of Kang Jieli's board is like the strings played by violinists, like the stone can sing, and the rich variety of products makes many customers at home and abroad stop to appreciate it, which arouses the strong interest of customers. The Kangjili Atmospheric Exhibition stand was particularly eye-catching in the exhibition, which left a deep impression on the customers who came to the exhibition.
By participating in the exhibition, the company not only consolidated the existing cooperative relationship, but also further excavated a large number of potential customers, laying a solid foundation for continuous development of domestic and foreign markets.

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